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The newly launched 7 inch Google Android Tablet PC is really a desirable tablet which has received people’s recognition. The reason why it can gain so many attentions is that it has features that other UMPC does not have.

By adopting the latest open source system Google Android, you can enjoy the excellent popular OS totally free. With VIA MW8505 533MHz processor, 128MB DDR2 Memory and 2GB NADD flash hard disk, you can operate it smoothly. At the menu page, you can find your wanted functions easily by sweeping the touch screen.

This 7 inch Android tablet pc has 16:9 wide and 800*480 high brightness TFT LCD screen. It supports full size touch operation. Therefore, you can find yourself flying in a real scene when you are watch videos with it.

It sports plenty of functions such as Google Maps, Google Earth, Goggles, You Tube, Google Calendar Buzz, Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Shopper, Google Talk, Google Finance and Latitude, etc. All these functions are very useful and practical that is able to satisfy your common use.

It’s so light that you never thought you can feel this device when it’s getting heavy. It’s amazingly easy to keep holding it. It’s thinner than HTC hero phone. It’s very easy to read from. It’s nice for viewing pictures. It has a music player on it. It does have a microphone on it and also has a standard headphone jack. It plays out through the headphones well. The charge is for two hours.

This Google Android UMPC supports Wifi 802.11 b/g which can automatically steering display screen. The Android OS is the best operating system for tablet PCs, and this unit comes with the best variety of features. Android is Open Source. This means the community will always be updating and programming for this platform!

You can find detail specials of this Google Android tablet below:

•    Processor: VIA MW8505 533MHz

•    Operating System: Google Android OS

•    Memory:128MB DDR2

•    Capacity:  2GB NAND FLASH, support most 16GB mobile HDD

•    Display:

-7-inch (diagonal) high-brightness TFT LCD widescreen touch display

-800-by-480-pixel resolution

-Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously

•    Sensors:


-Ambient light sensor

•    Network: Ethernet 10/100M, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi

•    Slot:

-SD X 1 (support up to 32G HCSD)

-USB X 1

-Stereo Audio out X 1

-Microphone in X 1

•    Software:

– Google Chrome Browser

– Mainstream Web Mail service Gmail

– Document to Go (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF)

– Android Task Killer, explorer

– Android Market

•    Audio and Video:H.263, H.264 (in 3GP or MP4 container), MPEG-4 SP, AMR, AMR-WB (in 3GP container), AAC, HE-AAC (in MP4 or 3GP container), MP3, MIDI, OGG Vorbis, WAV, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP -Video Online -High-Fidelity stereo speaker output

•    Languages: English (US English, UK English, Canada English, etc.), Arabic, Bulgarian, Dutch, Espanola, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japan, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, etc.

•    Power Supply:

-Battery Type: Built in 7.4V 1600MAH Li-ion Battery

-Battery / Run Time: up to 2 Hours

-Power Device Type: AC Adapter

-Voltage required: 100/240V

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As soon as the tablet pc came out ,it quickly swept across personal computer market and bloom all over the consumption top place.Withe the advanced Android OS installed into tablet PC,tablet PC has become the powerful of portable pocket computer with its high cost performance.

Here today, China Wholesale brings you the copy of Ipad ,younger brother Zpad,which also not fail behind advantage of the tendency,launches in optimizing OS system and super longest online surfing battery capacity in which supporting multitouch controling. This fabulous Malata Zpad Android 2.2 16GB Tablets PC -1Ghz CPU, 10.1 Capacitive Screen will surprise you once you own one and carry around the street.

Let’s see how the little ultrathin gadget amazes the world,and captures domestic and abroad market.

1.Google Android 2.2 OS

The Malata Zpad is equiped with the most updated Android 2.2 operation system,which carrying excellent 1Ghz Nvidia Tegra 2 T20 Dual ARM Cortex -A9 & 3D acceleration GPU Flash 10.1 ,enabling you the fastest reaction and high definition visual feast. Eventhough it’s just the brother of Ipad,but the advanced equipments makes it much higher mature and affordable ever in the Wholesale tablet PC market.

2. 10.1 large multi-touch screen

With the 10.1 inch capacitive multi-touch screen,you can touch the screen in any direction as you want,such as left,right,round,angle,two points etc. Also along with WSVGA 1024*600 provides you super high definition visual feast from movie or photos something like that.

3.Ultra-low power precision up to 7 hours

You must annoy with the short time of battery power running up while on the trip watching movie or enjoy your favorite music,once you take our Zpad with you,you never need to worry about the power capacity problem ,the built in battery in 3500MAH support your online surfing via wifi up to 7 hours,this is absolutely the most guru of the tablet pc battery envy point.


What’s more,like a super mobile phone function,G-sensor was built in lovely Zpad ,making the screen supporting automatic screen rotation,meaningly let you freely enjoy in different screen direction automatically.

5. Wifi & built in loundspeaker

Having a personal conversation with friends via internet,you can freely through Wifi without any extra charge log in internet and online chat software,with the built-in loudspeaker it’s totally experience as a free phonecall.

6.HD Camera & 16G memory

1.3 million pixel camera  & 16G memory, are as well as the twinkle spots.The image effect will not be inferior to the real digital camera. It also can bring a high clear experience of video chat. And the 16G memory leave you a large space to store all the things you like.

Zpad preset mass e-book, you can always download the update, the “library” to carry, completely subvert the traditional reading experience. There are professional music player, at any time listening to moving music; clear and vivid images show scroll through at any time. Enjoy the colorful multimedia life.

As much as capable,you can never learn it how it wonderful till you make it.All-promising always distribute the top class and affordable cheap china whole electronic for you selection.Come and grab one Zpad in All-promisng ,all things deserve.

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After the reign of desktop computers for many years came the portable version of it in the form of laptops. Convenient, easy and familiar, and as portable as a briefcase, these computers were instantly popular and are here to stay, in spite of the new super lightweight technologies that have come on the market since.

The ancient writing tablets bequeathed their name on a tiny, highly portable version of computer technology, which has taken the world by storm.  We are talking about the ‘tablet’, short for ‘tablet computer’ or ‘tablet pc’.  The whole computer is contained in a thin, book-sized screen that can lie on your lap or on a table, like a book, completely inconspicuous, even in public.  It has a ‘touch screen’ with icons and pictures, instead of a mouse or a keyboard. Information is fed in by means of a finger, a digital pen or a stylus.  If a keyboard should be necessary, a virtual keyboard can be selected to appear on the screen itself.  Some models have a USB port too in order to accommodate a device like flash player, or keyboard, or mouse if required for some reason.

Another huge step forward in progress was made when the iPhone came into being and the internet and telephone communication began to be integrated.

When the Apple iPad was launched it created a sensation.  As it always happens, the world’s wizkids couldn’t get to their drawing boards fast enough to try and compete and improve and get their share of the market.  As a result a large variety of tablets and pads have come onto the market, revolutionising portability and convenience of information transfer.

The ePad:

This is an Android tablet, inspired by iPad, and is a Chinese contribution to the market. It has 2GB storage capacity and a 10 inch touch screen.

The aPad:

This is so like the iPad that it is sometimes referred to as a ‘clone’

The iRobot is considered by many to be the most successful of the aPad devices.  It has a 7 inch touch screen and has resolution of 800×480 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratios. aPads with 10 inch screens are also available.  It uses Android OS.

Android is an operating system that is proving popular and innovative with regular updates that are named after well-known menu dessert foods, such as ‘cupcake’, ‘éclair’, etc. These updates fix old bugs and provide interesting new features.   Android distribution was unveiled at the end of 2007.  It was specially designed for cell phones, tablet computers and netbooks.  It was developed by Google and is currently the 2nd ranked operating system for handheld computer pads in the US. Android OS is open to sharing plugins, applications and add-ons and whatever else is developed.  This feature is making it very popular and competitive.  The operating system doesn’t restrict the use of extra amenities, such as keyboards, flash drives, etc that need to plug into a USB port.  A very popular element is that it is highly customisable to individual needs.

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The android market has increased over time and it has spread to the world of tablet PCs and portable media players. The new world has just launched a new series of tablet PCs that run on the Google operating system – Android. Now with the help of this operating system, individuals can buy touch screen tablet PCs that support a host of applications and games by simply opting to buy android tablets.

What is really fascinating about the android tablet PC is that it is cheaper and much more cost friendly compared to any other product in the market. It has a faster speed processor, a larger ram and great touch screen sensitivity. The new Google Android tablet PCs are a much have for anyone who wants to get their hands on the latest developments in the world of tablet PCs.

Tablet PCs have been around for a long time and the new android PCs are the cheapest options to buy. There are a lot of satisfied customers who have already purchased their android tablets and have managed to get their hands on some of the best affordable options available. Now people will be able to get access to all their multimedia needs by simply touching a screen. For those individuals that are interested to buy android tablet PCs for cheaper prices, it is best recommended that they seek the likes of new tablet marts that have come out in the market. There are a plethora of these tablets available and they can be procured at stink cheap rates.


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