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After the reign of desktop computers for many years came the portable version of it in the form of laptops. Convenient, easy and familiar, and as portable as a briefcase, these computers were instantly popular and are here to stay, in spite of the new super lightweight technologies that have come on the market since.

The ancient writing tablets bequeathed their name on a tiny, highly portable version of computer technology, which has taken the world by storm.  We are talking about the ‘tablet’, short for ‘tablet computer’ or ‘tablet pc’.  The whole computer is contained in a thin, book-sized screen that can lie on your lap or on a table, like a book, completely inconspicuous, even in public.  It has a ‘touch screen’ with icons and pictures, instead of a mouse or a keyboard. Information is fed in by means of a finger, a digital pen or a stylus.  If a keyboard should be necessary, a virtual keyboard can be selected to appear on the screen itself.  Some models have a USB port too in order to accommodate a device like flash player, or keyboard, or mouse if required for some reason.

Another huge step forward in progress was made when the iPhone came into being and the internet and telephone communication began to be integrated.

When the Apple iPad was launched it created a sensation.  As it always happens, the world’s wizkids couldn’t get to their drawing boards fast enough to try and compete and improve and get their share of the market.  As a result a large variety of tablets and pads have come onto the market, revolutionising portability and convenience of information transfer.

The ePad:

This is an Android tablet, inspired by iPad, and is a Chinese contribution to the market. It has 2GB storage capacity and a 10 inch touch screen.

The aPad:

This is so like the iPad that it is sometimes referred to as a ‘clone’

The iRobot is considered by many to be the most successful of the aPad devices.  It has a 7 inch touch screen and has resolution of 800×480 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratios. aPads with 10 inch screens are also available.  It uses Android OS.

Android is an operating system that is proving popular and innovative with regular updates that are named after well-known menu dessert foods, such as ‘cupcake’, ‘éclair’, etc. These updates fix old bugs and provide interesting new features.   Android distribution was unveiled at the end of 2007.  It was specially designed for cell phones, tablet computers and netbooks.  It was developed by Google and is currently the 2nd ranked operating system for handheld computer pads in the US. Android OS is open to sharing plugins, applications and add-ons and whatever else is developed.  This feature is making it very popular and competitive.  The operating system doesn’t restrict the use of extra amenities, such as keyboards, flash drives, etc that need to plug into a USB port.  A very popular element is that it is highly customisable to individual needs.

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Tablet App Store asked:

For over centuries, changes in computer technology are clearly seen with the new different kinds of gadgets that were produced. Computer started from the size of a room and as the years and decades have come, it evolved into its smallest from. And now, one of the most popular kinds of computer is the Android Tablet PC. With its features, it would not be far from being the next obsession of this generation. Android Tablet PC became popular because the PC’s capabilities. Though there are many other competitors from the same category, Android Tablet PC managed to rise and make its way to the market.

One of the best features of the Android Tablet PC is the use of the Symbian OS. It is a remarkable thing for the Android tablet PC to have this OS. Another best thing about Tablet PCs is that they have a wireless connection to the internet. You would have the internet connection anytime you need it. Android Tablet PCs are touch screen too. You wouldn’t need a keyboard anymore and you could minus the mouse too. All of these features are made for the convenience of the users. With these features of the Android Tablet PC it would surely make another revolutionary change in the computer world.

If people were to choose between the traditional computer with monitor and CPU, or over the new Android Tablet PC, probably, most of them would choose to have the Android Tablet. It is mainly because it is easy to carry. Just think that, you need to use your computer and surf the net, then you would need your CPU and monitor to work. But, with the Android Tablet PC, it will be a worry free work for you. Even with comparison to a laptop, having an Android Tablet Pc is still advisable. One if its feature is the application wherein you can edit your work with formats like Word, Excel, PDF and others.

Android Tablet PCs can support up to 70,000 kinds of application. It is beyond imagination on what this small gadget can do. The development of this gadget is one of the greatest advancement in technology. They are gadgets that are small but still they can hold huge capacity. Android Tablet PC can get a high rating because of its features. Nevertheless, competitors of Android Tablet are still aiming for what Android Tablet has done.




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